How to Change your Mood in 10 Minutes

Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps HSP introverts to embrace their sensitivity as a superpower, and overcome obstacles so they can thrive. She also works with clients to solve their health issues, and has authored 2 books. More here.

Published on 2015/09/08

InspiredI don’t know about you, but sometimes I battle to find my mojo. I love completing tasks and feeling accomplished… and, the challenge for me is often in starting a project.

I heard a wonderful exercise to change our state, energy or mood on a Carol Look audio, and she in turn says she got it from an Abraham Hicks program.

If we’re in a low energy state, of course it’ll be harder to think creatively, come up with solutions and enjoy our day. Changing and maintaining our energy state to a happy, positive one is an important part of our success and feeling good about our day. It’s been proven that feeling good allows our brain to see many more possibilities and even allows our physical peripheral vision to expand.

I use this exercise whenever I have a large project looming and it feels like I just can’t get started. Or when I have 20 things on my to-do-list and they don’t feel inspiring, yet I know I really need to get them done. Or when I wake up tired and I have a lot on my plate, and my energy is low.

It’s really so simple and easy that anyone can do it. It always lifts my mood and energy in the 10 minutes it takes to do the exercise.

Here’s How:

  • Take a clean sheet of A4 (or Letter) paper.
  • Divide it into 16 blocks by drawing 4 horizontal lines and 4 vertical lines
  • Now, spend a few minutes and think about how you want to feel about your project, your day, or your to-do’s
  • In every block, write a word that has a feel-good feeling, for instance
    • Positive
    • Energetic
    • Inspired
    • Magical
    • Productive
    • Uplifted
    • Creative
  • You can start anywhere – fill in the words randomly in the 16 blocks, have fun, be creative and really get into the feeling state of each word as you write it down
  • If you want to go one step further, I use colour pencils to colour each block with a fun, happy, feel-good colour

Here’s an example of one I did recently:

16 Blocks

The time it takes to come up with, and focus on 16 positively charged words is enough to completely shift our vibration and energy about a challenge or a tired/uninspired feeling.

Try it and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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