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Resources I use

Scroll down for writing, reading, scheduling and communication resources.

Resources for Communicating with your Readers

Once you’ve written your book, you would want to communicate with subscribers so you can build a business and share snippets, tips and tools from your book. For this, I use Aweber – a wonderful communication tool to chat with subscribers and let them know about new books and offerings.

Read more here. 
Writing desk

Resources for Audio Interviews

If I’ve invited you for an interview, I love to create clean, clear sound and minimal editing. I require you to have a USB headset with microphone, preferably with noise-canceling.

If you speak through your desktop computer speakers and microphone, we get a nasty echo and might hear the hum of the computer in the background. The echo renders the audio unusable.

To put your interview in the best possible light, it makes sense to have the equipment for clear sound.

Here are 2 great options:

Logitech H390

Plantronics 655 with noise canceling


Resources for Scheduling Appointments

I find my Acuity Online Scheduler a massive help to avoid back-and-forth between myself and clients, to schedule our appointments. It has the ability to receive payments via Paypal and other ways. You can schedule group workshops as well as one-to-one coaching appointments via this amazing piece of software. It’s really affordable for the fantastic functionality!

Get your own free Acuity plan here to try it out!


Resources for Productivity

One of the things I love doing is to tick off what I’ve accomplished! I used to have hundreds of little pieces of paper all over the house… and when we moved to London from South Africa, I had loads of clutter to clear, grin. Now, I use ToDoIst. It’s a great app that you can use from your desktop or phone. I was using the free version for years, and am now using the paid version since it has so many extra bits of functionality that help me to stay on track.

Try it here for yourself. The free version is absolutely wonderful.


Resources for Reading

I love books and reading and feel frustrated when I hear of books I want to read, but I still have 10 on the ‘to-be-read’ pile! It would often be really useful to get an overview of a book before I decide whether it’d be good to purchase the entire book.

Aha! There’s an app for that!

Blinkist provides brilliant summaries of hundreds of books, and they add at least one book per day. I’ve read SO many summaries here and feel extremely grateful that I can get the gist before purchasing…. I’ve purchased only a few after reading the “blinks” from the book. You can also listen to the audio “blinks” while doing the dishes. It’s been extremely useful to me.

There’s a free version that offers a free book per week. I upgraded to the paid version when they had a sale and I’ve seen numerous sales periods every year.

Need More Specific Help?

If you need more specific help for a unique challenge or question you have, go to my Work with me page, write your question and I’ll be in touch to assist you to solve it.

I have a variety of programs and packages available for my coaching services.  I love being able to work from my virtual office – you don’t have to drive anywhere, use petrol/gas or waste time in traffic. Plus – we can work globally! I have many clients in Europe, USA and the UK as well as in SA.

I look forward to supporting you along your journey.