Online Group Workshops

I host an online workshop most months.

We’re usually 4-10 in the group so you can receive individual attention if desired.

This is a great option if:

  • private sessions are out of your reach
  • you want to get a sense of how I work
  • you enjoy a community of sensitive introverts in intimate settings

If you don’t like large crowds, you will be comfortable in my carefully crafted space. I have a lot of experience in making it safe and cozy.


The upcoming or current group workshop is listed here.

Workshops are affordable (around £20 | $25).

Become a circle member if you want to be the first to know about every month’s workshop.

“I have been bowled over by your group healings. I wanted to experience it and I love it. Your care and empathy shine through even in a group scenario.” Sonyan White,

Online Self-Study Courses

  • My EFT Quick Start Guide is a way for you to get started with EFT tapping simply, and in the least amount of time, and at a very low cost. It contains loads of tips from 14 years as an EFT Practitioner and Trainer.
  • Self-Care for Sensitive Souls. If you’re sensitive and battle to implement self-care, this is the workshop for you.
  • HSP’s and Pain. If you’re a sensitive soul living with chronic pain, this recorded workshop will help.
  • How to have more fun with Goals and Intentions (available soon)
  • Grounding with EFT for Sensitive Souls, with host Val Nelson (available soon)
  • Fear of Judgment and Criticism for Sensitive Souls (available soon)
  • Pressure, Inner Conflict, and Obstacles around Self-Care – 2020 version (available soon)