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Start Thriving as an Introvert

As an overview, I offer online group workshops, online self-study courses, and private coaching.  Scroll down for details.

Online Group Workshops

I host intimate short online workshops about once a month. With only 4-10 in the group, you can receive individual attention if you need it.

Online Self-Study Courses

Do you want to learn at your own pace? Discover a list of online courses you can follow whenever you want.

Private Coaching

 Do you want to work 1-1 with me? You can book a series of online private coaching sessions with me.

Online Group Workshops

I host an online workshop most months.

We’re usually 4-10 in the group so you can receive individual attention if desired.

This is a great option if:

  • private sessions are out of your reach
  • you want to get a sense of how I work
  • you enjoy a community of sensitive introverts in intimate settings

If you don’t like large crowds, you will be comfortable in my carefully crafted space. I have a lot of experience in making it safe and cozy.


The upcoming or current group workshop is listed here.

Workshops are affordable (around £20 | $25).

Become a circle member if you want to be the first to know about every month’s workshop.

“I have been bowled over by your group healings. I wanted to experience it and I love it. Your care and empathy shine through even in a group scenario.” Sonyan White,

Online Self-Study Courses

  • My EFT Quick Start Guide is a way for you to get started with EFT tapping simply, and in the least amount of time, and at a very low cost. It contains loads of tips from 14 years as an EFT Practitioner and Trainer.
  • Self-Care for Sensitive Souls – 2019 version
  • A fun tapping close to the year (available soon)
  • How to have more fun with Goals and Intentions (available soon)
  • Grounding with EFT for Sensitive Souls, with host Val Nelson (available soon)
  • Fear of Judgment and Criticism for Sensitive Souls (available soon)
  • Pressure, Inner Conflict, and Obstacles around Self-Care – 2020 version (available soon)

Work with me in Private Sessions

For those new to my work, I offer programs from 12 weeks, to longer 6-month support.
Shorter maintenance options are available. 

Explore below for more information.

Grief & Loss

Is your heart broken?  Grief can include losing someone dear, a job, a dream, a limb, a friend. I can support you through this difficult time.

Heal Recurring Patterns

Do you feel stuck because of the same thing happening over and over? To heal it, I can help you to find the root cause so you can move forward with more choices and freedom.

Learn how to use EFT

Do you want to resolve the stress of past and present issues? Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping for stress.

Discover your Strengths

If you feel drained, exhausted, unfulfilled, underutilized, unmotivated or lack confidence, discovering your strengths can be life-changing.

Career Clarity Coaching for Sensitive Introverts

Get crystal clarity on what’s important to you, your values, strengths and career purpose for a fulfilling life as a sensitive introvert.

Safe to be Seen

A 1-to-1 mentoring experience
for sensitive introvert women who seek more ease in being visible with their soul work.


Are you interested in working together or do you have a question?

Please send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible.

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