The Bigger Picture

Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps HSP introverts to embrace their sensitivity as a superpower, and overcome obstacles so they can thrive. She also works with clients to solve their health issues, and has authored 2 books. More here.

Published on 2019/12/06

Sometimes life just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want it to. Sometimes things go unbelievably “wrong”.

I hasten to add – this might all feel true when we look at it with our limited human perspective.

I sincerely believe that there is a Bigger Plan, a big picture… and if we could see all of it, every single thing would make total sense and we’d be able to say “Of course, it had to work out like this…. It couldn’t be any other way.”

The trouble is, we don’t see that bigger tapestry. We see a few stitches at a time… and feel like “it’s gone totally wrong” or “it shouldn’t be this way.” And that causes massive amounts of stress and distress.

We had the news this morning that my mom-in-law’s condition is critical. She’s been in hospital for the past 2 weeks. My husband needs to fly back to SA urgently. It comes at a critical time for him in his own business. The past 2 years have been extremely challenging and he’s just getting back on his feet.

While we simply cannot understand why things are happening the way they are, and why this timing is so very strange, I have to keep believing this:.

Life doesn’t bring us what we want. Life brings us what we need. Life has a bigger plan than we can’t see or comprehend.

“Something Bigger than Us” created this magnificent universe that keeps expanding, where planets keep turning and our hearts know how to beat without us giving it a second thought.

I shall keep believing that the bigger plan has it’s own kind of wisdom.

The fact that I don’t understand, and I may think this is all wrong, doesn’t make it so. There are peaks and valleys in all our lives and when we’re in a valley, we simply can’t see the top of the mountain.

If you’re going through a tough time that you simply cannot figure out right now, I encourage you to hold on tightly. Get support, make sure you have kind, wise people to hold a loving space for you.

There is a Bigger Plan with much wisdom and love behind it.


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