Pain is just a symptom

Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps HSP introverts to embrace their sensitivity as a superpower, and overcome obstacles so they can thrive. She also works with clients to solve their health issues, and has authored 2 books. More here.

Published on 2018/05/17

I’ve had some neck pain in the past few weeks. I felt it quite high up in my neck as I lowered my head forward. I kept trying to release the pain and discomfort there, by feeling for knots or spasms in my neck. It didn’t seem to work. Frustrating!

I asked my husband to help me since I wasn’t making any headway (funny choice of word here, right?). He found some very tender spots in an unexpected area in my shoulders, much lower down. And lo and behold, my neck felt better. Relief!

I found this exact phenomenon often with the previous excellent biokineticist, I visited in South Africa. I had a weekly exercise appointment. When I complained of an ache or pain in my knee or ankle, he’d feel around in either my calf or thigh, release a part of the fascia and voila!! My knee didn’t hurt anymore. It was like a miracle every time.

Yet another example:

For many years, I believed I had arthritis in my knees. When we went for long hikes, especially up and down hills, my knees would hurt terribly and I was convinced I’d need knee replacements at some stage. I laugh when I think about it now.

Then, I found a brilliant biokineticist (Hi Darren!) and he determined that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my knees. My gluteus maximus muscles had been neglected for many years, and as soon as I started strengthening them with regular exercises, ALL the pain in my knees magically disappeared.

It is EXACTLY the same with our issues or challenges in life.

Where it hurts (relationship, money, career, confidence) isn’t where the problem is. Where it hurts, is usually just the symptom of a deeper problem.

Like knee pain = weak butt muscles.
Strengthen butt = no more knee pain.

We need to find the origin or root and heal it there.

Where does your life ‘hurt’ at the moment, or have in the past?

❖ Relationships that don’t work out?
❖ A career that’s in a dead-end? Or uninspiring?
❖ Money that keeps hiding from you?
❖ Lacking confidence, self-worth or self-love?

The answer is not to look for another career, another relationship, or more money. The answer is to look deeper first, to find the ORIGIN of what’s not working. The origin might be in surprising places that you have not yet considered.

When we heal that, the outer circumstances will change (knee pain) because we found the root (weak butt muscles.)

Here’s the thing.

It is usually pretty hard to get to the root of an issue ourselves. If we COULD, we would, right? Who WANTS to continue living with a pain (physical or emotional)?

I finally decided one day (after many hours of struggling with knee and back pain) that I needed to do something about it. And THAT something had to be different than what I had been doing. It needed to talk to an expert who’d studied knees and backs. Not Dr Google, or 5 friends who had 5 different opinions and left me confused.

If you have a challenge that you’d like to FINALLY heal, please do not continue to suffer from “knee pain” in your life and the mistaken idea that it can’t be healed, or will need a major “knee replacement”.

If you enjoy 1-1 conversations, I warmly invite you to schedule a complementary conversation HERE. Or – if you’re a bit conversation-shy with someone you hardly know (like most introverts are) – please drop me an email so we can get started in a more comfortable way.

What happens in this conversation? I’ll ask a few questions around your challenge (“Where does it hurt?”) and then if we feel comfortable with each other, I can let you know if one of my programs might be of service to you. Simple, conversational and safe.

Areas I LOVE supporting you with include:

  • Repeating patterns (Can’t say no, don’t feel worthy of love or good things, the same old thing happening, “Why does this ALWAYS happen to me?”)
  • Career challenges (because you feel bored, frustrated, anxious, under-utilized, unfulfilled, un-appreciated, you don’t know what your strengths are, wanting to start a new career path)
  • Relationship challenges (relationships keep ending because of the same reasons, not feeling appreciated, afraid of speaking up, conflict)
  • Procrastination (you WANT to do something and can’t get yourself to start)
  • Huge change on your doorstep

I work in private sessions globally through Zoom or in person in London, in complete privacy, confidentiality, and with kindness and compassion.


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