How to use EFT Tapping for the Monday Blues

Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps HSP introverts to embrace their sensitivity as a superpower, and overcome obstacles so they can thrive. She also works with clients to solve their health issues, and has authored 2 books. More here.

Published on 2023/06/01

Have you had the Monday Blues?

When I wrote this one Monday morning in the British summer, we were experiencing an intense heatwave. We worked in the vegetable garden for hours over the previous weekend. And unlike in South Africa where we had a wonderful gardener every Saturday, it was now all up to what our 4 hands could accomplish. It was hard, hard work in the heat … and still, there remained so much more to be done.

The next morning, a Monday, I woke up just feeling ‘meh’ and flat.

Many of my clients mention that they just can’t get themselves to tap (EFT) when they feel unmotivated. Boy, do I get it!

It usually seems hardest to use the tools we have when we need it most.

However, I do want to practice what I preach so I reluctantly thought, “Oh okay then… let me just give this a bash!”

I sat right there in bed, and started tapping for the meh, flat feeling. The thought popped up that I shouldn’t feel this way, there is so much to be grateful for — especially because we were going on a holiday the next week.

I kept it simple: just continuous tapping during all the thoughts. That’s when we just ‘tap-and-talk’, or ‘tap-and-think’, while we tap continuously through all the points, with no stops to measure how we’re feeling.


Suddenly I became aware of all the things that were weighing on me:

The weekend was too busy, and I did not have my usual level of rest and lazing or reading. There were soooo many tasks to complete, and we both had to work hard and fast. Combined with the dry heat, it was sapping!

As we watched the temperature predictions soar, my introvert brain and Empathy talent (from CliftonStrengths) started thinking of climate change. What a deep rabbit hole to disappear into…

Coming to the Surface

As I tapped that morning in bed, it all started to surface.

My thoughts went to how people across the world are coping with unbearable heat — some in countries where electricity is a luxury, therefore no fan or air-conditioning. India earlier this year had heatwaves of 50 degrees C (122 F)! In some countries recently, water supplies dried up, and people had to fight for a bit of water at a mobile water tank.

I noticed the despair brewing underneath for me, and the spiraling down into all the worst scenarios… “This is only going to get worse, there’s no way out for any of us.”

Of course, then I thought of the 2 hectic heat-days ahead of us: 36 C in Haslemere, 40 C in London. Over the weekend, already, I had started to dread the next few days — it felt like impending doom. The news articles I read about it over the weekend didn’t help!

(Hot tip to self: stay away from news, they really whip up the drama.)

Remember: I was still tapping as I was thinking all these thoughts, and if you’re not yet tapping with me, maybe it’s a good idea to do a round or two right now! At the bottom of the article are 2 videos where I show you how.

I also started thinking of my very busy week with clients, and the workshop I’d be hosting the next day. I still had a lot of prep, and it fell on the hottest day of the summer, at 5 pm — the hottest part of the day! My mind was projecting all the worst scenarios about sweltering heat, sweat pouring down my face on camera, feeling drained, not doing my best, and being stressed and unhappy.

Caring Introverts and Thinking

If any of this was touching a nerve or two for you — my apology for any triggers. And more importantly — I really do hope you did a round of tapping just reading all of this. Or at least — took a few deep, calming breaths.

Isn’t this exactly what introvert-and-HSP-brains often do?

I don’t want to generalise because every introvert and sensitive person is unique… but I’ve seen this pattern often enough in the many caring introverts I work with. They:

  • care deeply about others, nature, and the environment.
  • carry others’ emotions.
  • can feel burdened by the effect humans have on our one Earth.
  • think constantly about the deeper things in life.

All this combined can create a bit of difficulty (read worry and sleepless nights.) It can lead to fear, trepidation, and anxiety about our future (individual and global). We fear we won’t have enough stamina or resources to manage, and instead of looking forward and creating it the way we want, we dread what we don’t want.

Awareness is the start

Thankfully through the use of EFT, I was suddenly super aware of the things brewing under the surface which had all contributed to ‘MEH’ on a Monday morning. Before the tapping, all I knew was I was feeling flat, unmotivated, with no energy. I continued another 5 minutes, just tapping my way through those thoughts.

After mere minutes, I felt ready to get up and even a little excited. I suddenly had the thought, “Oh don’t be silly — I come from AFRICA, for crying out loud, I’ve done heatwaves before!”

In EFT, we call it a cognitive shift. When tapping has relieved the stress, our brain suddenly has different, healthier, more resourceful thoughts. And then — better actions are possible.

KISS — Keep it simple

That’s all it sometimes takes to start changing our direction, dear Reader. A few minutes of tapping can start some movement and progress.

We don’t need to fix the whole problem. I can’t fix climate change, how much water people in India have, or plastic waste.

Yet, I can do something about my own state, and therefore how effective I am in my own circle of influence. I can do my best to prepare for the workshop if I’m feeling calm and resourceful, not with spinning wheels about global things I cannot change right now.

With the tool of EFT, It doesn’t need to take an hour of self-work. In 5 minutes of tap-and-talk, we can create some movement that is enough to start us off in a new direction with more energy, hope and enthusiasm.

Free Resources: Examples of Silent Tapping

If you want an example of how to tap silently on your own, when you don’t feel like getting up, or feel flat, meh, or unmotivated, watch one of the below videos.

Quick EFT Tip: Silent Tapping

How to get relief from stress through Silent Tapping:


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