Visibility for Introverts: A Conversation with George Kao, Authentic Business Coach

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Published on 2018/08/24

Since 2009, George Kao has been helping Coaches, Consultants, Counselors and Healers to grow their audience through authentic online marketing. He teaches people how to grow their audience using social media, webinars, online courses, written posts, video’s and books.

George’s values (which are sure to warm introvert hearts) are sincerity, generosity and caring.

Below the video is a short extract of our conversation – there’s much more detail in the interview itself.

Question 1: What ways work for introverts who want to be visible and make a difference in the world with their work?

Introverts don’t like networking events. If we’re just in our own rooms, how are people supposed to find us?

Share content online. Be agnostic about the content you share. Don’t make assumptions about whether the content is good enough or valuable. Let others vote what is valuable and not.

The hard part is waiting for the audience to tell us whether it’s good or not!

Question 2: How do we keep our visibility sustainable?

Weave in breaks after a visibility exercise. Take a break after writing a blog. Take naps. Lay down on the couch and relax/rest. Place calls/visibility things before a walk.

It’s important to find the medium that works for YOU. Is it writing or videos?

Question 3: Can you say a few words about being judged or rejected?

It’s the substance of the message that matters the most. Your true fans don’t really care what you look like or sound like.

Practice, practice, practice. We become anything we practice. The key for an introvert is to EASE IN to it. Casual, consistent action with an attitude of “No big deal”.

He touched on our inherent uniqueness, things that we do SO well, because of our unique history and background. We can’t predict which those things will be to our audience, that will make them go “WOW that was amazing!!” even though WE thought it wasn’t particularly great. So keep putting out the content, be agnostic about the result, and learn what works.

Be a scientist about it. No big deal, take a nap. Don’t check the stats every 5 minutes! With a bit of distance we become less attached to the thing we put out. When you see the numbers, think “Oh, that’s interesting! What can I learn from that?”

Question 4: How can we feel LESS bad when someone doesn’t like our ‘thing’?

Start with the 3 stages of content:

Stage 1 (first contact with audience), Stage 2 (make it a bit better and distribute further), Stage 3 (monetize through courses or creating books from the Stage 2 content that did well).

If your content or offer didn’t work, wallow a little bit. Take a nap. Take a walk in nature – it will get you out of your story. Then launch something new!

Keep the attitude of experimentation. It grows your skillset and understanding of your audience.

Keep a rhythm of putting offers out. Like a musician – if last night’s show didn’t go well, they have to play again tonight! We have to create our own rhythm for putting out content and offers. Stay consistent.

No Stage 2 content can happen if we don’t have enough Stage 1 content.

The more time we spend developing a thing (anything), the more we tend to attach it to our worth. The longer you spend on developing an offer or post, the more DETACHMENT work is needed when you put it out there.

George recommends we launch things quicker so we don’t have to do so much inner detachment work. An offer once a month means less time spent on it.

Everyone has an infinite well of content ideas inside of them. Don’t dismiss your Future Self by thinking that you’ll never come up with another good idea after something failed. Your Future Self wants you to believe in it! Like our Current Self is a better version of our Past Self – give your Future Self a chance!

Think “That was just one idea! I’ll get really curious about what other ideas I have!”

I mentioned the RAS (Reticular Activating System) in the brain. It works like an antenna, looking out for the things that are important to us.

Question 5: Who do you imagine talking to in your content?

Your most supportive client, not the ones that you still have to convince with folded arms.

Consider the people who might still find you a few days, weeks, months or even years down the line. The current people we know, of any 100 maybe a few will like, comment or share. The small minority will. That small minority is multiplied many times out there in the world – but they just haven’t found us yet! They will be GLAD to find our work. It’s our opportunity (maybe responsibility) to make our content for them- for those people who are still looking for us!

Our true fans are attracted to the substance and core of who are – JUST as we are. True fans don’t care about the mistakes.

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