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Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps HSP introverts to embrace their sensitivity as a superpower, and overcome obstacles so they can thrive. She also works with clients to solve their health issues, and has authored 2 books. More here.

Published on 2015/03/23

VIB BloggerAward bannerI was on holiday when a magical email arrived in my inbox.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award (VIB) which recognizes bloggers “who work hard to keep the blogosphere a beautiful place”, was presented to me out of the blue.

The inspiring woman who bestowed this honour on my humble blog is the inspiring Diane Howell Topkis, whom I met in a FB group and courses we’d attended together. She writes inspiring articles around midlife women’s careers, and she’s also authored 2 books: Love it or Leave It is coming soon, and 26 Keys to Unlock Career Change Success is available for purchase.

Thank you Diane, it’s an incredible privilege to share this award also with fellow authors and coaches!

Why I Write and Coach

I learned to read at the age of four, and it opened many different worlds to me.

My first book was written from much personal experience of getting myself into a repeated knot of overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion. I heard from so many women who suffered from the same delusion of saying “yes” to everyone else, and “no” to themselves. I hear that it’s healing and comforting for others to read that they’re not alone, and that there are more healthy ways to support and care for themselves. I want to share what I’ve learned through my own mistakes and pain, and hope to make someone else’s road a little shorter and easier.

Writing is healing for me. It gets my thoughts out of my head. When they’re on paper (or a web page) they’re not half as scary or overwhelming anymore and I can sort through them and dismiss the tormenting ones when they’re not floating around in my head.

A few Lesser Known Things About Me


Music was my first passion. I played piano and church organ while I was studying a 4-year music degree, and then spent 5 years in the SA Army Band as a clarinet player. Strange career for a woman, yes. For those 5 years we were only 4 women in the military band. I went through 9 weeks of Basic Training, had to live in the barracks away from home (I was married). Although I cried my way through the first 2 weeks, I came out the other side much stronger, wiser and tougher.


This may shock you, as it did my mom the first time I told her. I was probably around 7 or 8 when the familiar question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” came up. I said with no doubt in my young mind: “A truck driver!

My Mom nearly fainted. Fact is, I loved traveling from a very young age and the only way I knew of at the time, to see many different roads, places, towns, and get a sense of freedom, seemed to me to be the driver of a truck. Freedom, travel, wind-in-your-hair kind of stuff.

Grin. I’m not a truck driver, yet I still love to travel and we make a plan to go away around every 6 weeks to experience a different perspective and feel “free” of obligations, routine and the same-old.

Pay It Forward

I read a lot and I only read good stuff! Some of my reading time is spent on inspiring blogs. I’d love to draw attention to some of the wonderful blogs I follow – they might be just what you need to solve a problem or get a flash of insight or inspiration. I love how technology makes it possible for us to stay in touch with friends across the globe.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award goes to –

D’vorah Lansky –  Podcasting Success Secrets

D’vorah’s been my mentor since October 2013 and I’ve learned the most incredible amount from her. Her websites are all inspiring and packed with information about ways to make book marketing easy. She shares so much free content every month and continues to find more and better ways to serve her tribe, from a huge and caring heart. Her latest project is to teach her author community to podcast, to reach more readers. I can’t recommend her blogs highly enough.

Paul Zelizer – Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

I met Paul in a Facebook Group called Wisdompreneurs. He’s the co-creator of that awesome space for entrepreneurs – mixing business, love, and wisdom. Paul delivered a sought-after interview on my “Savvy Self-Care Secrets” Telesummit in 2014. His own website contains a wealth of information on helpful topics for conscious marketing and creating a successful business from a heart- and wisdom- space.

 Moreen Torpy – De-Clutter Coach

I met Moreen in a mentoring and author group in 2013. We’ve kept contact ever since. Her website is packed with tips, ideas and articles on organizing your life, your home, your pantry, your paper… and her weekly short tips arrive on Fridays so we can implement on the weekend.


We bloggers sooooo love feedback and hearing that someone ‘out there in cyberspace’ read our outpourings. You’ll definitely put a huge happy grin on a face if you visit these Very Inspiring Bloggers and leave a ‘like’ and/or a comment. Take a peek at their Facebook pages too. There’s great stuff there!

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And finally – I’d love to hear who inspires you. Leave a comment for me below this blog and let me know whose blogs you enjoy!



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