Paul Zelizer on Running your business in a heart-centered way

Paul Zelizer Paul Zelizer is one of the first business and marketing coaches to focus on the needs of the conscious entrepreneurs – coaches, consultants and other service entrepreneurs who have a foundation of wisdom, mindfulness or awareness. Paul runs a global coaching practice supporting conscious entrepreneurs in growing their businesses to the next level while staying 100% true to their integrity. He’s also the former Director of Social Media for Wisdom 2.0, one of the premier mindfulness brands in the world. Paul’s latest venture is Wisdompreneurs, a global startup focused on bringing entrepreneurial skills to transformational leaders and to bring easy to implement mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence practices to the entrepreneurial world





 Some Points We Discussed

  • Paul’s difficult journey from being spiritually bankrupt to successful conscious entrepeneur
  • Don’t let resistance lead : Business and Marketing are not inbred in us, they are tools we can learn
  • Healing practitioners are often challenged by taking care of themselves
  • Mindfulness is not limited by any religion or practice
  • Aliveness, self-care and fun are important core values
  • An organised human nervous system is a powerful tool
  • Focus on what your story is and how to get your story out to the world in a way that stays true to yourself.


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Liesel Teversham
Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps sensitive introverts to see their sensitivity as a superpower, love their work and practice awesome self-care so they can be energized and make a difference in a meaningful and fulfilling way. She helps them to overcome the fear of being visible, avoiding the spotlight and conflict, being ‘too nice’, perfectionism and procrastination.

She’s the author of “No Problem. The Upside of Saying No”, which is a handbook for those who struggle to say no, are overwhelmed and exhausted.

Click here to read about the book.



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