How to Shine in your Business as a Sensitive Introvert

Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps HSP introverts to embrace their sensitivity as a superpower, and overcome obstacles so they can thrive. She also works with clients to solve their health issues, and has authored 2 books. More here.

Published on 2021/09/28

In the 14 years that I’ve had my EFT business, it sometimes felt like climbing a mountain all by myself. If you are a small business owner, you might identify?

When I was employed as a musician and then programmer, someone else set the goals and direction, and all I had to do was follow and execute. Simple. The salary was always in my account at the end of the month.

Natural Strengths and Weaker Areas

Then I created a business, and everything changed.

“What was I thinking when I started this business?!”, I often exclaimed afterwards. All I knew, was that I wanted to support others. It energizes and fulfills me.

I have many talents in the ‘Relational’ area of the CliftonStrengths Assessment. People who are highly relational, seek reassurance from their relationships. It was daunting to make business decisions! Not only did I not have training in business – but also, my natural talents fell in other areas like – well, relationships and thinking. caring, learning, deeply thinking things through, research, creating win-win situations. In CliftonStrengths terms: talents like Empathy, Learner, Intellection, Input, Relator, Harmony, Connectedness, Individualization, Developer.

When I discovered my CliftonStrengths in 2015, so many of the things I think, do, and feel in my business, suddenly made sense to me. It was a revelation to hear that there was nothing ‘wrong with me for feeling daunted by decisions, for wanting peace above conflict, for not wanting to be center-stage with marketing, for feeling everything so intensely, for wanting to help people free of charge… What a relief.

Fears and concerns small business owners have

On top of my natural areas of strength and weakness, there were also the many fears that can crop up for small business owners like me (coaches, healers, practitioners and therapists). I felt so many of these myself, especially in the early years:

  • Where will I find any clients?
  • Pressure to fix a complex issue in one session
  • What if I don’t help them enough and they never return?
  • What if they tell others I’m useless and ruin my reputation?
  • I’ll have to price it so low that everyone can afford it!
  • My articles, videos or newsletters will be rubbish
  • What if my business fails? I hate failure.
  • What if I offer something and no-one wants it?
  • I hate being the center of attention and marketing
  • I’m not cut out for business
  • It’s hard to talk about money
  • I’m not completely ‘sorted out’ – what right do I have to help others?
  • Shouldn’t I do this for free? But I do need a sustainable business!
  • And more!

In the first year of my EFT business (2006), I made a list of every one of my fears, and systematically discharged them with EFT. Just before we moved from South Africa to the UK, I found that list and had a good giggle. So many of those fears were so unfounded. If I didn’t use EFT to let them go back then, I could easily have decided that the journey would be too hard, and not even tried. And missed out on the marvelous growth journey and flexibility that self-employment offers.

The combination of these two tools (EFT tapping and CliftonStrengths) has been instrumental in helping me create a business that I now love with my whole heart.

  • EFT: to help me face and discharge the unreasonable fears,
  • ClifonStrengths: to help me leverage my natural areas of strength, stop focusing on fixing weakness and learn how to manage around them.

How can this help you?

I’ve pondered for a long time about how unique this combination is, I see no one else offer it. And I’d love to help other small business owners experience the miraculous combination of letting fears go while embracing their strengths.

And that’s why I want to host this 12-week program called “How to Shine in your Business as a Sensitive Introvert, by Using your Hidden Strengths and Overcoming your Emotional Blocks to Success.”

In my recent research conversations, the single biggest wish that most of the participants expressed: To not feel so lonely with their issues. And I’ve noticed how the people who show up in my groups are always like-minded, kind, supportive, and full of heart.

I’m still working out the exact details, and when we’ll start. There are several uncertainties on my plate, including a possible visit to South Africa at an as-yet-unknown time. Pandemics are hard on travel plans.

Here’s what we’ll do in the program:

  • Meet every week for 12 weeks (max of 9 people)
  • Some weeks we’ll focus on your CliftonStrengths, to help you understand and integrate them into your business. Taking your CliftonStrengths Assessment will be a requirement, if you haven’t already.
  • Most weeks we’ll work on releasing the fears and concerns I mentioned above. We’ll work through them with EFT –  in small, safe, intimate groups. You’ll get personal attention, as well as ‘borrow benefits’ from everyone’s tapping in the group.
  • You’ll get to be part of a caring, safe community where you can feel supported, heard, validated and build relationships with others in the same boat.

Join the Wait List or Ask a Question:

If this sounds intriguing, please leave your name and email here, so I can let you know when the details are available. We’ll meet at times that the US, UK, Europe, and SA can attend.

If you know anyone for who this would be helpful, please forward it to them. It may just be what they need to start thriving in their business.

In a few weeks, I will host a free taster of How to Shine in your Business as a Sensitive Introvert. Drop your name here, and you’ll be the first to know!

And if you just want to drop me a note about this program and ask a question, please do so here. All questions are welcome!



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