Dr Craig Weiner on Business Tips for EFT Practitioners

Liesel Teversham

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Published on 2015/04/16

CraigDr Craig Weiner, along with his wife Alina Frank, co-directs and trains tapping practitioners in the Art, Science and Business of EFT with EFTTappingTraining.com and EFT Marketing and Business Academy, EFTMBA.com.

Their mission is to provide mentoring for EFT coaches which empowers and supports tapping professionals to create financially successful business while making a transformative difference in the world through tapping.


Some Points we Discussed:

  • Some of the biggest mistakes that tapping practitioners make in trying to grow their business
  • The biggest mindset challenges tapping practitioners face when they start to make tapping their primary income
  • The surprising facts around the income potential for beginning practitioners
  • The biggest growth points Craig had to overcome – it involves huge decisions, losing homes and losing money
  • Income is only one measure of success and thriving
  • Craig’s respect for EFT, after studying it for years and understanding the science behind EFT
  • Sometimes our feelings are not the truth – they’re just fears
  • We need people around us to help us to stick to our vision and commitment
  • The expansiveness and freedom that comes from being able to say ‘no’
  • Changing careers are guaranteed to bring up identity issues. It’s a valuable part of the ‘shedding of a skin’ and brings opportunities and power
  • Many more tips for practitioners who want to build a successful business


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