How to co-ordinate phrases with tapping for effective EFT

Liesel Teversham

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Published on 2020/09/07

About : EFT and Emotion

A question that comes up often when people start learning about EFT is this:

“I attended a short workshop (2-3 hours) and it looked easy when the workshop host lead it. Now I want to tap for my own issue, but I still don’t know how to co-ordinate the phrases with the tapping. Even though I understood from you that it’s not the words doing the healing, I still want to know I’m doing the right thing.”

A few simple points to remember:

EFT is basically about telling the truth about what you’re experiencing now, (your feelings, thoughts, emotions, problems) and stating it as simply as possible, while you tap through the EFT points.

Here’s how to start:

  • Think of a problem you have.
  • What’s your first thought, feeling (sensation) or emotion about it?
  • Write it down in a simple sentence.
  • Rate the intensity out of 10 (0=no intensity, 10= very intense).

For instance:

“I feel butterflies in my stomach when I think about making a video for FB. ”
8/10 (they’re really fluttering badly)

Tap on the Side of Hand) point and repeat your sentence 3 times:

“Even though I feel butterflies in my stomach when I think about making a video for FB, I love and accept myself anyway”.

Then, use a short reminder phrase on each tapping point:

Top of Head: Butterflies on my stomach
Eyebrow: Butterflies on my stomach
Side of Eye: Butterflies on my stomach
Under Eye: Butterflies on my stomach
Under Nose: Butterflies on my stomach
Chin: Butterflies on my stomach
Collarbone: Butterflies on my stomach
Under Arm: Butterflies on my stomach
Inner Wrist: Butterflies on my stomach

Rate your butterflies again after the tapping round.

What can you expect after a round like this?

You may need to do a few rounds to get it down to a zero. It also might be that the butterflies disappear quickly, but you think of a new fear about making videos. For instance – you might notice you fear blushing.

Use the blushing as your next target for EFT.

Again, make it as simple as possible.

  • What’s the problem with blushing?
  • Rate the intensity of the fear
  • Write down a simple sentence and your number.

Tap on the side of the hand:

“Even though I’m afraid to blush on camera because others will know I’m feeling vulnerable, I love and accept myself anyway.” 7/10.

Then tap a full round with a simple reminder phrase on each point:

Top of Head: “Afraid to blush”
Eyebrow: “Afraid to blush”
Side of Eye: “Afraid to blush”
Under Eye: “Afraid to blush”
Under Nose: “Afraid to blush”
Chin: “Afraid to blush”
Collarbone: “Afraid to blush”
Under Arm: “Afraid to blush”
Inner Wrist: “Afraid to blush”

Rate your fear again.

Again, you might need to do a few rounds on this particular fear, or you might realise another fear has popped up.

Keep peeling the emotional onion

It’s okay and wonderful that this happens – it means we’re making progress!  When a new fear shows up, it means the previous one has calmed down enough and has made space for another block to show up.

Keep going with everything that’s in the way of making a video on FB until the fear is manageable. Get an accountability buddy to make a date and time and do it!

The tapping is a way to help us pave the way for action. The goal is not to have to keep tapping before we take any action. Sometimes it’s okay to still have some fear (eg a 4/10) when we make the video.

With more practice in making videos, the fear absolutely will get less. That’s my personal experience. A few years ago I was petrified and nauseous with nerves before making a video. Now, I don’t feel a tinge of fear anymore.

Often it’s not only a fear that we need to discharge but also a skill we need to practice. Both need attention.


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