Awesome Authors: Gina Akao

Gina-Akao-photo1Gina Akao lives in Reno, Nevada. I met Gina through an online Authors Group and we found a delightful number of similar experiences and traits. Gina wrote a book that I loved reading one weekend – I couldn’t put it down. She studied law straight after school and even though her marks were high, she discovered that she hated it. Gina got so anxious about the course that her health started suffering and she had to make a tough decision.

Since then, her life has taken a different turn!

Have you been thinking about creating a blog but don’t know how to get started? Do you already have a blog and are looking for ways to streamline it? Gina has become a WordPress Wizard, and can show you how to set up your WordPress blog in six easy steps. Whether you’re an author, small business owner, or just looking to start a blog, WordPress is a powerful blogging platform that can be very handy if you know how to use it. Gina is the creator of the Found Freedom WordPress Training Series and can walk you through the blogging process every step of the way.

Tune in to our wonderful conversation with Gina’s valuable information where she shared:

Found Freedom WordPress Training Series

  • The difference between and
  • Some helpful plugins (and she explains what plugins are) that people can download for free
  • The most common mistake people make when creating a blog
  • Three actions steps people can take today to get started
  • How to get her FREE ecourse “Build your Blog in Six Easy Steps”

Gina also offers a full online WordPress Training if you want to learn all the ins-and-outs in detail.

TalesLawSchoolDropOutGet Gina’s delightful book, Tales of a Law School Dropout. If you don’t have a Kindle, not to worry – you can download a Kindle Reader App for just about any device below.

Enjoy our call!

Liesel Teversham
Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps sensitive introverts to see their sensitivity as a superpower, love their work and practice awesome self-care so they can be energized and make a difference in a meaningful and fulfilling way. She helps them to overcome the fear of being visible, avoiding the spotlight and conflict, being ‘too nice’, perfectionism and procrastination.

She’s the author of “No Problem. The Upside of Saying No”, which is a handbook for those who struggle to say no, are overwhelmed and exhausted.

Click here to read about the book.




  1. Peggy McAloon

    This was a great interview Gina & Liesel! I do have a question. If you go with the free website as a blog, how do people know there has been an update if there is no signup available through mailchimp, etc.?

    • Liesel Teversham

      Hi Peggy! Thanks for listening and great question.
      I’ll get our expert Gina to help us out with an informative reply!

      • Gina

        Good question! You set up a follow widget in which emails your followers every time you post to your blog. You can’t segment your list like in MailChimp or Aweber, but it is similar.


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