Tom Evans on Magical Career Changes

Tom EvansTom Evans is an ex-BBC engineer who became an author unexpectedly in his late 40s. He now has 11 books to his name, is the host of the Zone Show podcast and the creator of Living Timefully – the world’s first time management programme based on mindfulness. His clients refer to him as the wizard of light bulb moments and as being a temporal alchemist.



Some Points We Discussed

  • Tom believes there is a book inside everyone but most people fear it.
  • Upon request from a friend, Tom wrote his first book without any fear as it was a favour.
  • Tom’s journey began as a TV engineer, then one book led to many others and he also became an author coach.
  • The lateralisation of the brain shows that the left hemisphere (logic) sits in time and space whereas the right (creativity) sits outside of time and space.
  • Tom is known as a temporal alchemist because he “plays” with time.
  • When both sides of the brain work together, you get into a timeless state which stretches time and allows you to get more done with less time.
  • Meditation is the key to this timeless state, if your brain is transmitting, it can’t receive.

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Liesel Teversham
Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps sensitive introverts to see their sensitivity as a superpower, love their work and practice awesome self-care so they can be energized and make a difference in a meaningful and fulfilling way. She helps them to overcome the fear of being visible, avoiding the spotlight and conflict, being ‘too nice’, perfectionism and procrastination.

She’s the author of “No Problem. The Upside of Saying No”, which is a handbook for those who struggle to say no, are overwhelmed and exhausted.

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  1. Portia

    Wow! This was great. Lately I have been tuning my mind to hold a space where my son who is with Autism is whole and healed. This interview just gave me goose bumps. Thank you to the both of you.

    • Liesel Teversham

      Thank you Portia – and I’m so glad that this was helpful! Tom is a magical person, who opens our eyes and minds to magical possibilities. Keep believing in your son and the miracles that are possible! Sometimes the miracle is that we have peace, no matter what. Whatever it is for you – stay on the higher road xx

      • Liesel Teversham

        Thanks for sharing that resource, Tom!


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