Course: How to Calm and Befriend your Inner Critic with EFT

Befriend your Inner Critic

What if the Inner Critic is so strong that it stops us from showing up and trying new things?

I’ve heard these from clients:

  • “Why can’t I get this right?”
  • “I’m a terrible/bad person…”
  • “Why did I do/say it like THAT?”
  • “That was stupid!! What was I thinking??”
  • That was the worst performance [or your thing] ever!”
  • “Why can’t I do it like Sally can?”
  • And worse…

I think of the Inner Critic as a normal part of each of us. (Yes, really.)

Inner Critics come in different flavours and strengths. It’s sad how harsh these inner voices can be.
They (it) can make us feel awful, down on ourselves, and keep us from living life and doing the work we love doing. It can stop us from being there for others, even though we care.

What if we could understand, heal, and embrace the Inner Critic?

In the upcoming tiny course, you’ll:

  • discover what your Inner Critic is trying to do
  • learn what to do about it
  • use EFT tapping to help you release the feelings and emotions that the Inner Critic can bring up
    (shame, guilt, grief, loss, sadness, anger, and others)
  • discover ways to tap with the Inner Critic and work with it, rather than suppressing, fighting, or believing it
  • develop a plan to keep working with it

Who is it for?

This course will be ideal for you if you:

  • know about (or use) EFT tapping
  • have had a difficult relationship with your Inner Critic
  • want to start healing that relationship
  • are tired of hearing “I should have”, and “I’m always doing it wrong”
  • want to find a path that feels authentic and right for you, without all the inner judgment


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