Discover and Embrace your Unique Strengths


“Be yourself. All others are already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

How would it feel to relax, be yourself, stop comparing, be inspired and fulfilled?

I was given the above quote many years ago by an EFT Master, Ann Ross. I loved it, and yet, I kept trying to be like others I admire. It was exhausting.

Until I discovered my CliftonStrengths in 2013. My whole world changed in a positive way. I could start seeing and appreciating my uniqueness, and discovered I didn’t need to be like anyone else.

A few words from Liesel

CliftonStrengths Sessions are for you if you:

  • did your Assessment a while ago, and put it away because it didn’t mean much on paper
  • compare yourself with others (and judge yourself for not being able to do things their way)
  • have tried to be like someone you admired and felt anxious from the effort
  • feel exhausted at the end of every day and hate certain tasks (even though you’re good at them)
  • feel stuck in a career you don’t love
  • are underutilized, unfulfilled or bored at work
  • lack confidence
  • don’t understand your or others’ behaviour
  • want to love yourself exactly as you are

People who know and use their CliftonStrengths find that they

  • love their work, or find work they love
  • know which tasks to delegate, and when to ask for support
  • know whether they’re best with ‘starting’ or ‘completing’ projects – and let go of guilt about not being able to do both
  • know they’re unique, which builds self-esteem and self-worth
  • get through tough times by using their strengths 
  • are confidently aware of their weaknesses and manage them well
  • appreciate qualities they undervalued or judged before
  • perceive themselves and others in a positive, appreciative light
  • have more functional relationships

Do you want to know your CliftonStrengths?

You can start with your Top 5 Strengths ($19 for the Gallup Assessment), or your Full 34 Strengths ($49 for the Gallup Assessment).

First: Complete the 40 minute Assessment. Then we start your exciting strengths discovery journey together.

For your Top 5 Strengths, we schedule 1-3 sessions, The first session is 90 minutes, thereafter 60 minutes. For the Full 34 we schedule 5-10 sessions.

Why a variation in the number of sessions?

You are unique. Maybe you need a bit more time during the session to process and ask questions. Some people process verbally and need to talk it through it, while others go away, think and have questions later.

Introverts usually love depth. That’s why each journey is unique and I give you a range.

Watch a video where I walk you through some
CliftonStrengths background

What we do in Sessions

We meet online on Zoom. Details are provided as soon as you book. 

We’ll dive deeply into either your Top 5, or Full 34.

You’ll get to know your strengths in-depth, and how they interact with each other. I’ll bring them to life for you so you can see your uniqueness in technicolour. We’ll use exercises during and between sessions, to help you integrate. 

What’s Different about my Work?

Some strengths coaches do a Full 34 Strengths Discussion in 2 hours. I tried that, and it just didn’t work for me or my clients.

I want you to be able to apply the knowledge, and make it real in your life. 

If you want ‘just information quickly’, I’m likely not the Strengths coach you want. 

Here’s what you’ll get in a Strengths Coaching Journey with me:

  • thought-provoking questions to help you see where your strengths are well and alive, and where they need to come out of hiding
  • where they’re healthy, and where some of them are possibly ‘unhealthy’
  • how some of your strengths could cause inner conflict, and how to manage that
  • how some of your strengths strengthen each other even more and why you need to manage that well
  • time to reflect on your own life, and understanding patterns you’ve had
  • surprising insights
  • the opportunity to understand past behaviour and career(s),
  • wiser choices going forward
  • putting down judgments and negative labels that others have given you over the years (through understanding your strengths, and using EFT tapping)

You’ll see how your combination of strengths have such a unique flavour that you can never try to be like anyone else again.


Strengths Coaching Fees

Packages start at £170 | $220 for a 90 minute Top 5 Session.

Pop me a note below to enquire and get started.

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