Book: No Problem – The Upside of Saying No

I’m so glad you found the “web home” of No Problem – The Upside of Saying No.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve felt nervous, sick with anxiety, stomach in a tight ball because of too much on your plate, deadlines looming and no possible way to meet all those commitments?

Or maybe, like me, you committed to something and in the very moment of saying “Yes, with pleasure!” already regretted it? And later resented yourself and the person who asked you to help out?

You might find it really, really hard to ever let the word “no” pass your lips. Does it sound like a terribly selfish thing to say?

Maybe you sometimes wonder “Why on earth have I taken on another task when my plate is so full already?

And the mere thought of declining a request might send your stomach into even deeper knots and twists

If any of the above are true for you – you’re in the right place.

I understand!

It’s an all-too-familiar story for me. I’ve walked this very journey for many years, at great cost to myself.


No Problem: The Upside of Saying No is a guide to help you understand what lies beyond the deep reluctance to say “I’m so sorry, this time I can’t help”. It’s filled with stories, anecdotes, solid research, helpful practical tips, and a very effective and powerful tool to help you change the reluctance. This tool will not only help you to start saying “no” with much more easy – it will also help improve so many areas in your life.

Our current issues, challenges, fears and problems mostly stem from patterns learnt in childhood. This book investigates many of those origins and supplies helpful ways to overcome them.

It also talks about change, why it’s normally hard and how to make it easier. Saying “no” is probably a really big change for those drawn to this book. It explains why kindness with yourself and those around you during the process of change is better than cracking the proverbial and familiar whip.

It contains valuable information on the brain, the fight-flight-freeze response, how our bodies are in a way addicted to our version of “normal” – and how to gently break those patterns.

It helps us to create a future that’s different from the past, in small manageable steps.

Who is this book for?

It’s for you if:

  • You’re regularly overwhelmed, stressed and anxious with everything on your plate
  • You keep saying “yes” when you really meant “no”
  • You never get to do what you really love doing, like hobbies or other pleasant things that make your heart sing
  • You’d like to learn how to say start saying “no” in a kind way
  • You don’t want to hurt people and therefore help them instead of yourself
  • You feel yourself instantly “hooked” when someone else makes a request
  • You feel like “they won’t like you” if you say “no”
  • You want to learn a profound, effective stress-relief tool to handle all stressful situations in life
  • You’d like to understand why on earth it’s so hard to say “no”
  • You’d like to pinpoint the underlying reasons that keep you saying “yes”
  • You’d like to find out what happens in the brain when you fear saying “no”
  • You’d like to learn about The Enneagram personality system, and how our Type influences “yes” or “no”
  • You’ve heard about codependency and boundaries and suspect you may have some issues around that
  • You’ve had a difficult childhood
  • You were taught it’s selfish to look out for yourself – you’re supposed to look after everyone else first

Here’s a quick book trailer

An invitation

I invite you to take a stand for yourself, your worth, your value as a human being. Let yourself know that you’re important to you, that you are taking steps to put yourself on your own priority list.

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