More Kind Words

A few clients kindly shared some thoughts about the way we worked together.


About the course Feeling Comfortable with Marketing and Visibility by using EFT Tapping
with George Kao

I’ve believed for a while that it must be possible to be sensitive and successful, but getting my emotional brain to know this… to feel safe enough to put myself into the marketplace… is a whole other thing. The voice and teaching style in this course is like a balm and compass for my nervous system. Liesel is a sensitive success whisperer!

Dorota Godby

Gentle Power

I love how Liesel continues to learn and expand her offerings and that she is always sensitive and compassionate to other’s experiences. I also so appreciate her understanding of introverts and that I never have to feel badly if I don’t feel like talking or sharing but also that she makes it safe if you want to.

Vicki BH

This workshop was just wonderful! I enjoyed being able to get in touch with my feelings through drawing, and then using that awareness to go through the tapping. Bringing in another aspect of awareness made the tapping even more effective.

Christine L

Liesel’s presence, listening skills, compassionate nature, and wisdom create a wonderful container to work through life’s challenges.

Liesel is a gentle and sensitive soul who consistently holds a beautiful space for us. At the end of each workshop, I always feel more self-compassion and ease which is so important especially in these times.

Liesel’s class delivered such value! I so appreciate her caring focus on the client, the helpful information she teaches, and the tapping to heal and move forward. Thank you!

I feel so safe in your class that I can be totally honest about my issues. I think that’s why it works so well when I tap along with you, because I’m tapping on the real issues behind what’s stopping me! Thank you Liesel.

love being in your presence. Really helps me understand when people say that about me – and I always have a raised vibe after time with you!

Bowled over by group healings

I have been bowled over by your group healings. I wanted to experience it and love it. Your care and empathy shines through even in a group scenario.

Sonyan White

Tender, caring approach and true empathy for the issue

This class is SO helpful to those of us who struggle with this sensitive issue. Liesel’s tender, caring approach and true empathy for the issue allows for deep healing to occur, even while in a group format. Her sensitivity to others shines through and makes the experience feel safe, comfortable and doable. Loved it.

Deborah Sicignano

I attended Liesel’s most recent workshop and one again I came away feeling so much more compassion for myself, more peace about what is going on for me and in me.

Kristine JS

Liesel’s end of year workshop was a true blessing. In her gentle way, she helped me make peace with all the personal losses of this year, and most importantly, find hope for the future.

Charo P

I’ve been struggling to get started on an important project for a while now, and I needed some outside help! Instead of the usual feeling of this big mountain I HAVE to do, I left the class feeling excited about it. I could also see the next steps I needed to take. It’s a few days after the workshop, and I’m delighted to say that I did some brainstorming on my project and finally have the clarity that was missing for so long. Thanks Liesel!!!!

Tertia Riegler

Thanks to Liesel’s work I am more confident in voicing and coping with my beliefs about money.

Attending Liesel’s workshops is like being wrapped in the softest, warmest blanket of sensitive compassion. By the end I always feel relaxed, expansive, and filled with hope for the possibilities in my life. Most importantly I feel a deeper caring for and a commitment to myself, to honor my feelings and needs more and more.

EFT, Coaching and Strengths Sessions

A client who was feeling burdened by responsibility

After our last session there was a huge shift. Before that, I was in a ball of depression. Having that session and shift cracked me out of that ball so I could start picking up the pieces. I didn’t know where to start before the session.

I have tears of joy now! I can’t believe it. I have not had any tears for months – not happy tears, not sad tears. Thank you so much, the sessions have helped me so much.

Walking on sunshine

I am feeling like I am walking on sunshine after the session. It was very deep and transforming. I feel like I am a new person, after clearing all kinds of old beliefs and trapped emotions, I feel FREE! Thank you so much Liesel, I felt safe and protected and your kind and gentle approach allowed me to open up for my pain and release it with peace. Bless your heart.

Judy Yodit Solomon

It gets to be easy when we use our strengths

Thanks so much for the session.  I now realise that when I’m really using my strengths to lead with, my authentic self and gifts, I’m not going to be afraid of being seen.

My most important takeaway is that it gets to be easy when we are using our strengths.  We don’t even notice what comes easily to us, simply because it’s so natural.  It was very helpful to see how my Connectedness and Strategic/Ideation can war with each other and how to use them in tandem instead.

I am glad that I did all 34 strengths version because I used to feel down about how inconsistent and undisciplined I feel.  Seeing that they are way on the bottom of my list helps.  I can feel like an imposter —  “Who am I to give biz advice when I’m not able to implement it for myself’?” But, that’s not my strength at all! Others can still really benefit from what I can offer easily and effortlessly.  And how much more fun is that than trying to slog through making myself do things?!?

I’m now excited to offer ‘biz playdates’ to explore how I can serve others in a fun and useful way.

I have so much more JOY and INSPIRATION around my work right now!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Ursa Barnes

Exquisite attention

What you always do well is to pay such exquisite attention to me and what’s moving through me. And then you know where to go with it, with such useful tools and hope for how it will go. The combination of all that is such a superpower. It is remarkable. I love how conscious and clear you are. Thank you!

A sensitive introvert in the USA

Incredible relief

Thank you Liesel for sharing your knowledge in your online class “Take the Reluctance Out of Visibility”.

Understanding how my body reacts when I just think of showing up really puts things in perspective for me. Then tapping down the intensity of my emotions that are attached to this gave me incredible relief and helped me to understand what is blocking me. I look forward to your next class!

Kim Colman

Helps me to find my own solutions

They way you ask questions, really does help me to think of solutions to whatever we are discussing or talking about. The more I think and answer those questions, the more I have clarity to whatever the problem is and what is the way forward from that.

A young man in South Africa, who has a deep desire to make a difference

Big breakthroughs

I am very grateful for our work together.  I feel I am making some big breakthroughs because of our work together.

An introvert therapist in Canada

Made me feel more positive and value myself more…

The session was wonderful. A good way to explore my current situation and have a bit more clarity about moving forward from here.

Recently I’ve been stuck in a fog, and it has sometimes been a struggle to see positives, when just trying to ‘be’ and heal some of the bad experiences from the past few months and work through the emotional flashbacks. It was good to talk about and remind myself about some of my innate strengths, notably relating to how I work with students, and help them to develop as a whole, not only in terms of their English. Talking about them brought about a different energy in me, and made me feel more positive and value myself more.

It was great to talk with you again, and benefit from your warm, loving kindness.

A sensitive person from Vietnam

Listen so well…

Yesterday was very energising for me as my Activator had a few real practical ideas to work on.  You always listen so well and I loved that you had personal experience stories to share to help me.  I love our work thank you.

An ambivert client from South Africa

Deep listening

I feel like a parrot repeating ‘gratitude and thank you’ but truly, Liesel, from my heart, I am so very grateful. You also were a beautiful example of deep listening, maintaining good boundaries, and balanced empathizing.

A sensitive introvert from Japan

Unusual depth of understanding

Working with Liesel brought me to tears in a good way. She has an unusual depth of understanding and is a supportive, humble and straight-shooting coach. She was able to help me get to the core of my strengths and help me to get back on track with my individual purpose, in a way that floored me. She is a light-filled change agent and I totally love this woman!

Kushla Chadwick

From a psychologist, after attending an EFT Level 1 and 2 workshop with us

I wanted to share with you that I am continuing to have amazing results in incorporating EFT skills into my counseling sessions.  It has shown to be time and time again an incredible tool which I am extremely grateful to have.  My last client had a recent trauma which we dealt with and immediately after the EFT she opened up a LONG LONG standing trauma which came pouring out almost unconsciously which she did not even realize she had been suppressing and required dealing with….so we have entered into a long term therapy process of dealing with this underlying issue.

It amazes me that what I am finding as a therapist is how EFT is helping me to negotiate the forest of my clients….as I am able to identify one by one those trees that need uprooting….and as soon as one is uprooted and you think all is ok another appears sticking out as clear as daylight and both client and I are surprised how it did not seem apparent before….

It is incredible and I am so indebted to you both for being such amazing mentors and coaches to me for this.

Caroline Pearman, Ghana

It helped me turn things around.

So much has changed in my life since I enrolled in the Self Care for Busy People course. I was already going through a tough transition after a sudden breakup and a near layoff at work. But the tools I learned and the tapping I did while I was in this course really helped me turn things around.

I am so pleased with the positive turn my life has taken now that I have taken the time out of my busy schedule for Liesel’s Self Care program! The live tapping session we did during the course really helped me revise my mindset. I was struggling both personally and professionally, but the tapping really changed the energy I was creating.

Now I’m doing work that I love and that I’m appreciated for doing! My job is secure and my personal life is much more fulfilling now that I am willing to stand up for myself and say ‘No’ in a gentle, loving way.

Gina Akao, WordPress Expert

An amazing coach.

I had a dream, but I had no idea how to even keep my dream alive. Life is busy, life is overwhelming, life can swallow you in whole, but through my journey with Liesel I was given tools to care for myself and to be kind to myself and know that I am worthy and capable of so much more.

I am so grateful to have met her. I just so love chatting to her about anything. I don’t feel that I need to pretend to be somebody else – I can be me and I can share how I feel. Through the last few weeks I have had many issues and life has thrown me a curve ball, but what is so amazing is that the words Liesel have spoken to me kept coming up in my mind and kept me afloat.

Really an amazing coach with amazing insight and compassion for people. I will recommend her to every person needing to get a grip of life and take care of themselves. By doing self care you will be able to care for others the way they deserve to be cared for without draining your energy.

Karen Vorster

Office Manager Tat and Lyle

I’m filled with excitement…. I trust myself a whole lot more!

WOW!! I feel like super woman. Like I can take on the world. The happiness I longed to feel, is now pulsating through every cell in my body. The world seems so full of love and possibility and this amazing breakthrough cannot fully be put into words. I’m filled with excitement and can’t wait to to out and play fully in life.

Later the same day:
I had to train 2 psychology honours students. I am so glad to say that at the end of the shift they both thanked me for how much they learned and how differently I gave advice and solutions. I feel soooo good about myself and trust myself a whole lot more!

Sumayya Coovadia

Step 2 Success

Thanks so much for the session – you are a fantastic guide and I felt really comfortable as you took me through the steps of the process. I am looking forward to resolving all of my limiting beliefs with you. Once again – thank you!!


Your Strengthsfinder coaching session gave me the insight to see what strengths I was using and how they come together to create something that is powerful, unique and of great value when applied in the appropriate place.The coaching has given me the ability to understand more analytically what is me. I am clear on where and how to apply it. I can communicate better what I can bring to a situation. The Strengthsfinder coaching session showed me how unique I am. And I can use that when I feel “smaller than” to help me back to “equal to”.

I had already been aware that some “work” feels hard and some feels easier. I am now clear that it feels easy when it is using my top strengths.

Strengthsfinder is a fabulously valuable tool. No matter how good a tool is, its real value is in how it is used. Liesel has a gift for working with Strengthsfinder, just as I know she has a gift for EFT. She releases its power.

Alison Gitelson

This morning’s Strengths session was truly inspiring. I really enjoyed finding a new perspective on who I am and how to accept myself and to grow myself with the new knowledge about myself. The insight you gave me about my strengths has opened a new understanding about myself and the many possibilities revealed to me in nurturing my strengths. The session was very positive and helpful and I loved the gentle, caring way you related to me. I am so looking forward to the next session.

Lindsey Sanderson, Heanertsburg

Liesel’s interviews are warm, inviting, completely comfortable. It is like having a cup of coffee and sitting together to gain insight into aspects of self-care either I have neglected or wasn’t aware of. She has put together an A-List of guests whose talks stand alone brilliantly and dove-tail seamless into one another. Very well done.

Pam Fitros, Business Owner

THANK YOU for a most impressive session – wow – our first EFT session and it was amazing how quickly we identified the link connecting the key obstacles holding me back which have continuously showed up again and again the past 43 years. I would never have dreamed that they were all interconnected.  It makes the journey ahead seem so much more manageable.  I look forward to our next session to work further at clearing the patterns so that I can move forward with a more rewarding life.


Fear of public speaking

Been meaning to phone you to let you know. Just recently had to do a presentation in front of a whole lot of strangers. And it went ok! Getting better all the time… Thanks so much! EFT definitely worked to release old pent-up emotions in a very painless and unthreatening way. Have recommended it to a friend. 


Working on procrastination and overwhelm with EFT

This afternoon’s session most definitely helped! Thank you very much! I have been able to accomplish so much in the past 3 hours. Amazing how this stuff works…


After an EFT workshop on Money Issues

I’d just like to say a huge thanks for the wonderful EFT workshop on Saturday!  I arrived with an open mind and an eagerness to learn and I left with a feeling of excitement and um… “wow!”….

Even though (amazing how quickly that phrase becomes habit) I came to the workshop expecting to figure out money stuff, I left with an incredible insight into my real blockages and issues – and those realisations happened in just a few hours!  I tapped into (‘scuse the pun!) my deeply embedded fears, and have been tapping (no pun!) through them every day.

I think what made the most impression on me was the understanding that anything – ANYTHING can be fixed through tapping!  So even though (oh stop it!) I started tapping for abundance at the workshop, I am now clearing deep seated childhood issues – happily, excitedly, easily and eagerly – with EFT.  I still can’t believe that it is so simple.  I think I need to tap that out a few more times – the belief that fixing yourself needs to be complicated and difficult!

So thanks again for the great workshop, and you’ll probably see me at one of your EFT Level 1 workshops shortly. 


A strengths client

I am so grateful to you and this experience.  Thank you for teaching me more about my strengths, what they mean, how they can work together and how I can learn from them.

Thank you also for sharing your own stories and experiences.  Cheers to learning and becoming the best version of ourselves so that we can help others find purpose, understanding and fulfillment.

A sensitive introvert with a degree in psychology, changing career to executive coaching.

Feeling much lighter

Thank you for a great session today. I feel I have shifted some shame as a result of our work today.  Feeling much lighter and I’ve had some ideas popping up too! Overall cautiously optimistic. 😉 

A sensitive introvert counsellor in Canada

Without judgement

Just being with me without judgement on all my thoughts and stories is huge. and you always have a tool up your sleeve for it, and it helps.  More of the same is all I need. I don’t take it for granted ever. Thank you. 

A sensitive soul in the USA

A place of acceptance

I like the way you navigated through things and got me to bring up stuff into a form where I could look at it and be conscious of letting it go. It gave me a chance to come to a place of acceptance, so I can take appropriate action.

Gord Isman

Understood and honored my need for more than just a questioning coach

I liked the way you guided me into my action steps, and the way that when you reflected some of the stuff I said you used a different phrase or word which really resonated with me, I could fully take it on board and make it my own. I liked that you understood  and honored my need for more than just a questioning coach, yet you always brought us back to the framework of what’s important for this session.  And I really liked your summary at the end which confirmed not just your understanding but allowed me to confirm my own understanding of what we had achieved. I really found it immensely valuable Liesel, thank you so much!!

Margareta, an ambivert in South Africa

Massive insights

“Session today was amazing.  Massive insights.  I’ve never been able to connect with myself this way before so this was remarkable and very very helpful!

A sensitive introvert in Canada

Enlightened and positive

Liesel I feel so enlightened & positive after our session today. I’m actually looking forward to the next “lesson” whatever that may be. My Connectedness & bigger picture lights are on bright again.
Thank you again.

A sensitive extrovert in South Africa, working through “lessons” in a new relationship

A perfect blend for me

A deep presence, ability to follow my various threads even when I talk a while to find the threads. You let me be with what is arising even while drawing the threads together and bringing me back to focus. A perfect blend for me!! It’s really remarkable!

A sensitive introvert coach in the USA

Kind, acknowledging, intuitive and practical

I was impressed, as I always am, as to how clear you are in both, setting up the structure for the session, and for honing in and articulating important points/questions. You are very incisive in the way you work and provide excellent steerage/guidance. You are a lovely blend of kind and acknowledging, intuitive and practical.

A sensitive introveA sensitive, intuitive introvert in Portugalrt coach in the USA

Incredible sensitivity and expertise

I feel so much better after our session.  I hold a lot in as a normal part of who I am in the world. So when we have a session, a lot comes flooding out. Thank you for being able to hold the space for all that emotional pain to come forth at once. You never make me feel like I am overwhelming you. You have incredible sensitivity and expertise which I really appreciate.

A sensitive introvert from Canada.

A sense of warmth…

Everything you bring to the session is so perfect for me. You bring a sense of warmth, plus confidence in the process. You guide what’s needed, you listen to my stories and ride the waves with me so beautifully. You bring us back to the topic to check in on where it is. You leave room for more. It’s all amazing. Like experiencing a masterful symphony. Thank you, Liesel.

An HSP introvert client from the USA

Altered the way I view myself and my life…

The matrix reimprinting session we did to assist me with making my dream and goal clearer completely altered the way I view myself and my life. It empowered me in the most positive and wholesome way, and to this day I go back in time recalling the feeling and positive affirmations that were practiced upon in that session and it leaves me liberated, energized, motivated and positive.

A kind-hearted HSP introvert from South Africa

I helped this client build website pages and sell his self-esteem course from there

This has been one of the most rewarding learning experience I have ever had. Liesel has a unique array of talents. Her IT-software skills are perfect for this work. Such skills are not uncommon.

What really sets her apart however, is that she combines these skills with a marketing eye that has enabled me to produce work that is sophisticated and appealing to the eye and to the intellect. Her feel for the appropriate use of language and layout and audience engagement is extraordinary.

In addition her empathy, patience and skill in tuning in to my needs and personality style was unparalleled. They supported my not insignificant anxiety in the most unique way, especially given my lack of skill and experience in this arena.

I have never felt so relaxed, supported and understood in a learning space…in my life.

Mark Kahn

Life changing session…

I’ve been meaning to get in touch for a looong time now! Just to say thank you for the life changing session that you did with me a few years ago! It has opened so many doors and uncovered so many new possibilities that I am deeply grateful! I feel like everything became possible for me from that one Matrix Reimprinting session with you. Thanks again for being a part of my journey to discovering my authentic self, I will never forget your gentle kindness and support!

I wanted say thank you for your support on my ​path of​ figuring it out and now sharing my work with the world! It is such a joy writing this having finally launched my website with no fear! It is strange in the way that an unexpected new freedom can feel deeply refreshing and miraculous.

Your support, guidance, teachings and love made all the difference!

Janine Ferreira, Intuitive Healer

A respectful No – the relief is profound

One of the things I have repeatedly done over the past 18 months or so, is allowed myself to say no. In the beginning I guess it was NO, with a resounding “you can’t make me”, but over the past while it has become a very self respectful NO, with nothing to prove or justify or defend.

So thank you special lady for writing the book that most of us needed to read, on the art of saying NO! The relief is profound, giving oneself permission not to be drawn into other people’s drama’s and expectations, simply by respecting oneself enough to say, “No, thank you.”

Sue Schoening

The Soul Lighthouse

I can look after myself and my loved ones…

Before I worked with Liesel, I felt overwhelmed and like there were too many demands on me. For example, on two particular days, I’d booked too many work appointments and I knew that I’d come home really tired, not eat properly and get irritable with my husband.

Liesel worked with me, and the changes she helped me make, meant that the days I’d been dreading worked-out really well! So now I know what to do when I feel like that again, so that I can look after myself, which means I can take care of the loved ones and tasks in my life.

Mhairi Gordon-Preston

Your Sea-Change Life

Difficult and life threatening

Anger, regret, fear and a feeling of conflict with myself were the main issues Liesel help me resolve or come to terms with. Liesel helped me deal with my past and current emotions which has enabled me to become a better husband, son, friend, worker and boss.

My path to Liesel was difficult and life threatening but I would not change any of it as she has helped me find a peace and happiness I did not know was available to all of us.

Thank you Liesel


I have been loving the Sedona method and I have been using it (to the best of my abilities) with my clients and the relief is amazing!


Thank you so much for the most wonderful session.

For the first time in my life I found myself in a company of a warm, empathic person that was showing me what is right about me. There was no judgment – only celebration of me and my talents.

Normally we look for weaknesses to fix and as a result we walk out feeling worse about ourselves.

This time it was different. I felt good about myself and my Divine blueprint that is unique to me. 

As a result I have a greater sense of myself, feeling more grounded, more confident and at peace. I also have greater clarity how to create success that is unique to me. 

Thank you Liesel from the bottom of my heart.

Natasha Vrzic

I have recently used the Gallup StrengthsFinder test and have discussed the results in depth with Liesel Teversham. I found the process entirely rewarding. I felt it was a novel approach to understanding oneself. For once I felt that here was a tool that spoke to me and helped me define where I am going in life even in my later fifties! Defining ones talents / strengths intrinsically makes much more sense to me than many of the alternative approaches I have been subjected to throughout my career. As a more mature business person, I found that there was still a lot for me to learn about myself.Identifying my talents / strengths has given me an energy boost. I am busy reinventing myself and finding alternative ways to earn a living whilst enjoying myself during the process. Before entering the process I was confused and dispirited with no idea on how to make money.

I no longer feel guilty that I need to be a “renaissance man” and be competent in all possible talent areas. This has helped me to understand that far more can be achieved by concentrating on my talents and strengths rather than trying to do everything myself. Identifying partners with skills not in my own talent make-up is a far more effective way of managing and playing to my strengths!

Understanding my leading talents as well as those that are a drain on me has helped me to understand past corporate failings and to put these into perspective. I now understand that what I was trying to do was not even close to a fit for me and not a personal failure. It is no wonder that I developed serious health problems!”

Mike Shorten, Kyalami, 2015

I have to say THANK YOU sooo much for the awesome session yesterday! As much as I wanted to believe that something so simple could make such a profound change, the logical part of me just couldn’t accept that something so simple could really do anything.

However, towards the end of it, I actually felt like I had come out of a deep yoga session – I was so relaxed, so comfortable with everything – it was a mindblowing experience! I feel light, like I’m floating on a cloud; I supposed that’s because I finally released some deep seated feelings that I didn’t even realize was affecting me 🙂

Thank you soooo much once again. May your light spread to every soul in need of healing :-)))


Working with fears

I would describe the value as incalculable – In my experience, some of the fears I had were of a paralyzing nature & I can’t describe the feeling of knowing that they are gone. 


From someone who had in intense fear of meetings

Thank you for your help. He used the words ‘meeting at’ at least 6 times and I was OK! You are an angel! 


After an EFT Circle

EFT has made such a change to my life – I used to hate being at work due to the cattiness here – now as soon as I get up I tell myself I am going to have a good day and nothing or no one is going to upset my day. 


I am feeling great after our last session. Still very motivated and on track. I have also realized that I need to be more patient with work in terms of opportunities and I am using EFT when I start to feel impatient or “victimized”. I also truly feel much happier with myself – I am okay just as I am and I am affirming that to myself daily…..thank you so much for your heartfelt care.