Heal Recurring Patterns

Where does your Life ‘hurt’?

Allow me to share a short story? Perhaps your own answer to this question might become clearer.

For many years, I believed I had arthritis in my knees. When we went for long hikes, especially up and down hills, my knees would hurt terribly and I was convinced I’d need knee replacements pretty soon. I laugh when I think about it now.

Then, I found a brilliant biokineticist (Hi Darren!) and he determined that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my knees. My glute muscles had been neglected for many years… as soon as I started strengthening them with regular exercises, ALL the pain in my knees magically disappeared.

(Of course, it took effort from my side to do those exercises. It didn’t happen magically overnight…. Yet it did seem like magic that I could do something that was good for me and a problem would disappear).

It is EXACTLY the same with our issues or challenges in life.

Where it hurts (relationship, money, career, confidence) isn’t where the problem is. Where it hurts, is usually just the symptom of a deeper problem.

Knee pain = weak butt muscles.
Strengthen butt = no more knee pain.

We need to find the origin or root and heal it there.

Where does your life ‘hurt’ at the moment, or have in the past?

  • Relationships that don’t work out?
  • A career that’s in a dead-end? Or uninspiring?
  • Money that keeps hiding from you?
  • Low confidence, self-worth or self-love?

The answer is not to look for another career, another relationship, more money, or to puff out your chest. The answer is to look deeper first, to find the origin of what’s not working. It might be in surprising places that you have not yet considered.

When we heal that, the outer circumstances will change (knee pain) because we found the root (weak butt muscles.)

The thing is…. It’s usually pretty hard to get to the root of an issue ourselves. If we could, we would, right? Who wants to continue living with a pain (physical or emotional)?

I finally decided one day (after many hours of struggling with knee and back pain) that I needed to do something about it. And THAT something had to be different than what I had been doing. I needed to talk to an expert who’d studied knees and backs. Not Dr Google, or 5 friends who had 5 different opinions and left me confused.

If you have a challenge that you’d like to finally heal, please do not continue to suffer from “knee pain” in your life and the mistaken idea that it can’t be healed, or will need a major “knee replacement”.

This is exactly what I help my beautiful clients with. I’m trained to help you find the root cause, so you can heal it and move forward in a more healthy way.

If you’d like to make a start with getting to the bottom of your issue, drop me an email from the bottom of this page or Request a Free Initial Conversation.

What happens in this conversation? I’ll ask a few questions around your challenge (“Where does it hurt?” and “What would you like instead?”) and then if we feel comfortable with each other, I can let you know if one of my programs might be of service to you. Simple, conversational and safe.

Areas I love supporting you with include:

  • Repeating patterns (Can’t say no, don’t feel worthy of love or good things, the same old thing happening, “Why does this always happen to me?”)
  • Want to make a difference and “show up” and do the work you’re meant for, but you’re terrified of being visible
  • Anxiety and fear stopping you from enjoying your life
  • Career challenges (because you feel bored, frustrated, anxious, under-utilized, unfulfilled, un-appreciated, you don’t know what your strengths are, wanting to start a new career path)
  • Relationship challenges (relationships that end, not feeling appreciated, afraid of speaking up, conflict, betrayal, hurt, communication challenges)
  • Procrastination (you want to do something and can’t get yourself to start)
  • Huge change on your doorstep that could mean good things – but it’s scary and you need help navigating through that
  • Fear of conflict (you’re really scared to speak up, can’t set healthy boundaries, and run away from arguments)

I work in private sessions globally through Zoom, in complete privacy, confidentiality, and with kindness and compassion.

I Provide a Shortcut

You would be correct in thinking that most of the things above you could overcome yourself, with self-help tools and methods. You can learn a lot from free and low cost resources on the internet and bookstores.

And you know, when I have back or knee trouble, I sometimes use free Youtube videos and books to figure out what to do. The challenge with that approach: I might be going down the wrong track, spend months or years to fix something that is not the root cause and make a lot of mistakes on the way. I could continue to be in pain for all that time, and get really frustrated, and mess up my back or knees even more.

That’s why I choose to go to a professional like an osteopath, chiropractor or biokineticist. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, they’ll get me to “pain-free” in the shortest possible time.

That’s why my clients choose to work with me. For the short-cut to having more ease in the area of their life where the pain is. So in truth, you’re not paying for my time by the hour. You’re paying for the short-cut to get where you want to be.

How we Work:

You’re unique. Therefore I have a variety of programs that might suit you. In our 30 minute complementary conversation, we decide whether we’re the perfect fit. If we are, I will recommend the one I believe will be of service to you. The programs range from 3 to 6 months. We usually meet 3-4 times a month. For clients who have already been through a program, I offer different options.

What do we do in Sessions?

We will meet on Zoom (an online technology similar to Skype, with better quality).

Our appointments are 60 minutes in length. Introverts usually need space to reflect… and that’s why I send a preparation email, and a reflection email for each session. Recordings are available so you can revisit the many nuggets that arise during each session. 

What’s Different about my Work?

I’m qualified in many methods and tools to support you to heal the recurring patterns in your life.

Most life coaches say “Forget the past. Let’s look at where you want to go now.”

I say “We can’t ignore the past – that’s exactly where the root of your challenge lies.”

That’s why I work with gentle tools like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting, The Sedona Method and PSYCH-K to help you clear out the patterns that were formed in the past.

We go right down to the subconscious level, in safe ways, where the patterns and challenges are stored. After that, we can rely on coaching to move ahead. If we neglect the emotional charges from past events, the change and all the best intentions in the world, won’t stick. So we work with the past, clear things out over there – and then you can look forward to create something new that is sustainable.

When you’re ready, we’ll help you discover your values and unique strengths. And with those, we will also bring in small, practical (baby) action steps so that you can move forward with your goals and dreams.

Your program will be unique to you. It’s so exciting, what’s possible, from a place of lightness and freedom from the past.

Private Coaching Fees


We’ll work together for at least 3 months for sustainable, long-term change and confidence – either 2 or 4 times per month. We’ll discuss your needs during a Chemistry Call.

Once the minimum commitment is over, we can work together for as long as you need and want, and stop anytime.

Monthly payments
2 sessions a month: £250 (+/- $310) per month

4 sessions a month: £400 (+/- $500) per month

For countries like South Africa with severe exchange rate challenges, I offer a concession. Please be in touch to ask about it.

My work and fees are not for everyone. I can refer you to someone in my network if we’re not a fit.

Work with Me

For deep pattern issues, I work by invitation only because we work with tender parts of you. I love to make sure we’re a great fit before we go on a journey together.

To find out whether we’re perfect for each other:

Please drop me an email from the bottom of this page, or Request a Complimentary Chemistry Call.


Email me

I read and answer all emails personally.

Write from here, and I’ll answer within 48 hours.