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Below are all your modules for easy access. You will also receive an email every day for a few days, with each Module attached. This way you can access the material step-by-step, via email, or all at once if that’s your preference.
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I wish you much joy, success and Emotional Freedom!

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Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Bonus Material

EFT Techniques: Tell the Story

The Mistakes Newcomers can Make and What to Do about Them

Short Video of Tapping Points

Audio Bonus

Audio: Tap for Money Issues

Audio: Tap for turning Shame into Self-Love

Webinar Bonus

Webinar: Tap for Anxiety
includes full visuals of the EFT points

Teleseminar: Tap for Money Stress
a full hour with EFT expert Kate Winch, hosted by Liesel Teversham
Tap along and get profound relief and calmness around money!

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