Coping with a Dying Pet

Coping with a Dying Pet:
My Dog’s Last Days, Passing into the Light and Other Stories

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll understand exactly how difficult and painful it can be when our beloved fur babies get sick. When I started writing this book, my publisher joked that he’s seen it affect people more than when their own family are unwell.

That’s exactly what it felt like for me, when our sweet Jack Russell got Cushing’s, and later passed away due to liver disease. It was so hard to walk that journey, so tough not to know the answers, to find out what I should do, what would be best for him. The heartache, pain and tears, oh my word…

I had lots of help to deal with difficult decisions, and it was a life saver for me.

That’s partly why I wrote this book. We need all the help we can get where our precious animals are concerned. They can’t talk for themselves, and when we are so distressed (even if we are intuitive), it’s not easy to tune in to their needs.

This book might help you if you’re in this position.

In this book, I tell the story of our faithful dog, Jack, whom we loved unconditionally. As he began to ail and battle with his health, my suffering was truly immense. I had to find ways to deal with the anxiety and emotional turmoil that sometimes felt overwhelming.

I share the importance of becoming fully aware of our emotions and working constructively through them. Only then can we become totally present in our loving support. I include many practical tools into the story – from using Emotional Freedom Techniques, to simply breathing consciously. I also touch on the importance of self care to restore our energy and perspective during this challenging process.

The book includes helpful, inspiring stories from friends and colleagues who are animal communicators and animal lovers.

Yes, it may not be an easy journey, dear reader, yet it is such a worthwhile one. If we can stay present and loving with our beloved babies right until the end, we know that we’ve done our absolute best for them. They know that too – there is no judgment from them, ever. And that is what this book will help you understand.

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