Career Clarity Coaching for Sensitive Introverts

Career Clarity Coaching for Sensitive Introverts

I’m so glad you found your way here.

If you’re a sensitive introvert (either an Empath or HSP), I know it can feel really hard to find your place in the world – both personally and to get career clarity for something that would feed your soul and feel fulfilling, energizing and authentic.

I struggled for a long time, too, and I know what that feels like. You’re in safe hands here. Take a breath, if you haven’t already. And let it out like a long, lovely sigh.

If finding a career that’s suited to your best talents and strength is uppermost for you right now, here’s what I can help with.

We’ll work together to:

  • Clarify your values. They are really important to help us create a life of meaning and fulfillment.
  • Create goals that are in alignment with your truest values.
  • Discover, love and embrace your authentic talents and strengths.
  • Explore your life purpose with various tools and methods.
  • Explore career ideas.
  • Work through and process any concerns, fears, anxieties you may have. Painful, unprocessed previous experiences can hang around for us and cause fear to move forward. I will help you to let those go safely and easily.
  • Navigate extra challenges like energy management, boundary issues, and self-care to make your life work. Those are all things I have empathy for and experience with.

How often we’ll work together

These are important and substantial areas to explore and find clarity on.

We’ll usually work together for at least 12 sessions.

It works really well to see each other 3-4 times per month, especially the first 2 months. We can take a week break on occasion for integration and homework or implementation.

If your time or money budget is a concern, we can work together twice a month. It means we’ll go a bit slower and meet in the first and third weeks of the month.

My hours

I’m in the UK, 5 hours ahead of Eastern US time. I work with clients Mondays to Thursdays and we’ll discuss our overlap hours.

How to Start

I’d love to hear from you below. We’ll set up a time for a complimentary chat so we can discover if the way I can help you is right for both you and me.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Are you interested in working together or do you have a question?

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