About Liesel – Longer Version

The longer version of my journey through life

I’ve had multiple huge crises in my life.

Each one felt catastrophic and as if life as I knew it, was ending at the time.

Marriage Twists and Turns

When my first marriage ended after 5.5 years, I was devastated and ashamed.

It was supposed to be forever! I grew up in a good home with firm values – this wasn’t supposed to happen to me.

I married again. When the second marriage was on the rocks, I was besides myself. How could this happen again??

I didn’t take that decision lightly. I realised it was impossible for me to get calm clarity while living together, so I moved out to get distance.

To tell the truth, probably right from the moment I moved out, I knew I couldn’t go back. But so many fears and concerns held me from speaking my own truth much sooner. Especially the one that I was going to hurt someone very deeply. It took me a full 4 months to voice my decision.

I can remember the day I had to break the news like yesterday. The agony, the anxiety, the fear that (even though I knew deep in my heart it was right) it was the wrong thing to do. What if I had to live with horrible regret forever?

Thankfully, I’m now married for a third time (some people think I’m crazy!) – very happily for the past 16 years! Our love and relationship are stronger each day.

We’ve had our ups and downs, like any normal relationship. I don’t think anyone should stay in an unhappy place forever ‘because they once chose it’. We all have choice, and we’re allowed to change direction when there is new information available to us.

It’s vitally important to take care of the unconscious patterns and hurts from the past, so we don’t carry them into our future. Sometimes, all it takes to get a relationship back on track is to find the old ‘patterns’ we have, that keep making us behave in the same old ineffective way. A relationship crisis doesn’t have to mean it’s over.

First marriage

Career Twists and Turns

I also have much personal experience with career crises and decisions.

I started as a musician, with a degree in music. My 10-year career in music came to an end when I couldn’t bear the environment I was working in, any longer. I was in the Military Band of the SA Army for 5 years and the realization dawned on me that I couldn’t survive there anymore. I hated every minute of the day – but what would I do instead? I needed an income and couldn’t afford another 4 -year degree!

That led to months of searching for an applicable direction and I ended up doing a 4-month computer programming course. Bliss – I found a new job immediately and worked in a fast-paced, stressful environment for another 7 years. I loved learning the new technology, and alas… after 6 years, my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I didn’t know it at the time, but some of my strengths were not getting the chance to work on a daily basis.

Another huge change later, and here I am since 2006, in a career I absolutely love and adore. I work with the emotional world of my clients, what stressful events mean(t) to them, patterns they have, wounds from the past that still influence them in a limiting way, choosing a new direction, and working towards that step by step.

Moving Countries

This might’ve been my biggest “out of my comfort zone” step ever!

We moved to London (UK) in October 2017. The stress of leaving everything I knew behind, was beyond what I could imagine.

Yet, here I am, alive and well to share the story. If you’re in a place of leaving all you know behind and are terrified, I truly get that.

Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for all the meandering it took for me to arrive exactly here, in this spot.

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