How to Use an Edited Audio File as a Replay on Instant Teleseminar

If you’ve used Instant Teleseminar before you may know that sometimes the event is perfect, just as it is.

Other times,

  • you can kick yourself for stumbling over a few words,
  • or a guest speaker said a few too many self-promotional words
  • or your internet connection cut out and there were a few uncomfortable moments trying to get it back.

In all the above cases, it would be ideal to be able to edit the audio mp3 file and use the edited version as the replay on Instant Teleseminar. It’s possible and here’s how! This article will describe steps 1 and 3, the editing part will be discussed in a separate article.

The main steps are:

  • Download the audio file from Instant Teleseminar
  • Edit it with software like Audacity (completely free) or Gold Wave (limited free functionality)
  • Upload it again to Instant Teleseminar for replay purposes

Now for the detail steps:

Download the Audio from Instant Teleseminar

You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. From the webcast page where all your listeners can download it as well or
  2. From within the Control Panel of your Event itself on the Recordings tab

Here’s a short video clip to show you exactly how to find your recording.
Download Audio from Instant Teleseminar


Edit the Audio

I’ll show you how to edit the audio in a different article. For now, let’s assume your audio has been edited and exported as an MP3. Remember, Instant Teleseminar requires that the file is

  • Smaller than 25 MB
  • Mono (not stereo)
  • Exported at a 24kbps CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and 22.05khz (in the settings of Audacity)


Upload to Instant Teleseminar

Your audio has to be in a very specific format before Instant Teleseminar can accept it for upload and replay.

  • Make sure your audio is in the correct exported MP3 format. Watch this video clip for the technical bits mentioned above.

Technical Requirements for Instant Teleseminar Audio files

  • Upload your edited MP3 file to Instant Teleseminar. Watch this video clip to show you the exact steps to upload your edited audio.

How to Upload Replay Audio to Instant Teleseminar

And – you’re done!

Well done, I hope that was easy!


Liesel Teversham
Liesel Teversham

Liesel helps sensitive introverts to see their sensitivity as a superpower, love their work and practice awesome self-care so they can be energized and make a difference in a meaningful and fulfilling way. She helps them to overcome the fear of being visible, avoiding the spotlight and conflict, being ‘too nice’, perfectionism and procrastination.

She’s the author of “No Problem. The Upside of Saying No”, which is a handbook for those who struggle to say no, are overwhelmed and exhausted.

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  1. Moreen Torpy

    Wow, you’re such a techie Liesel. I’ve bookmarked this so I can follow it to edit my interviews when necessary. Thanks so much for writing a whole article with clear steps. 🙂

    • Liesel Teversham

      Aaaw, thanks Moreen! I enjoy being able to bring all my previous careers into the mix! My “programmer” part is very happy that it can use some skills plus add new ones every now and again. It’s a fun journey and I really hope this is useful!


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