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The most interesting things about goals is that the minute we set them, a whole lot of “stuff” can be stirred up for us. All our limits and fears jump out of the closet and implore us to stop trying, in case we fail, or look bad, or silly, or in case our friends judge us.

Don’t begrudge the baggage and show stoppers. CELEBRATE them because guess what? If you didn’t set this goal, those “YES BUT” that pop up, would still have been sitting far away, in your subconscious mind, where you didn’t even know it existed.

If a case of “I can’t do this” pop up for you during our course, please say “YAY! I found a limit!”, and then proceed to take the steps I describe in order to gently remove that limiting thought or belief. They stop us from taking action, and therefore they stop our progress. So it’s a magical discovery when we find them!

You know that dream you’ve always wanted to accomplish? What if it was possible?

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