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Module 1: What is Your Issue or Problem?

Learn how to select “the issue” – we need a target for EFT to work

Module 2: Let’s Tap for your Issue!

Learn exactly how to tap, where to tap and watch a short video clip to see the points

Module 3: Issues are Like Puzzles

Learn how to work with all the different aspects of your problem, and why that’s important

Module 4: When To Stop Tapping

How to know when you’re “done” with an issue

Module 5: Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions around the use of EFT, including why we tap on the “negative”

Bonus Material:

Two exciting Bonus Moduels are waiting for you!

Cheering you on towards stress-relief, joy and inner freedom!

Liesel Teversham, AAMET EFT Trainer
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