Savvy Self-Care Strategies
for Busy People

“Put yourself back
on your priority list
for vibrant health and well-being”


  • StressHow often do you feel resentful because you don’t have any “me-time”?
  • Are you always saying “I can’t because I’m so BUSY?”
  • Are you tired, exhausted and overwhelmed because the to-do list never stops and everyone seems to need your care and help?
  • Are you always putting everyone else’s needs before your own, and don’t even know what you like and love to do anymore?


Take Advantage of this powerful self-study Program,
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Savvy Self-Care Strategies for Busy People!

Liesel’s Story

I grew up taking care of everyone else. That was just “normal” for me and I never gave it a second thought. One day, I was exhausted, overwhelmed, resentful and in tears because of a very, very full plate with no end in sight. My energy was low, and I couldn’t enjoy time with friends or hobbies because I was so busy. A dear colleague asked me “Liesel, who gave you all this work?”

FearIn a moment of grave shock I had to acknowledge that it was me! No-one asked me, I volunteered for it all and never asked for help. I assumed others couldn’t do it, I had thoughts that my colleague couldn’t do it as well as I could, and I thought I was nobly “saving” her from a lot of work.

On that day I realised it was only ME who could change this habit of putting everyone else ahead of me. I was not living my ideal life. I was living a life full of overbearing responsibility, with no time for fun or enjoyment. All the joy had gone out of my life and sometimes it felt like I couldn’t face getting out of bed because nothing I had to do was fun, or for me. It was all to make others happy.

Are you in the same boat? I understand, totally! I’ve fortunately found Savvy ways to start taking care of me. Ways that will still let others feel that they’re important to me. In fact, I learned very important information along the way – for instance that the happier I am, the happier those around me are too. The more unhappy and resentful I feel, the more that energy rubs off on everyone around me, too.

I’m happy to say I’m now living a joyful, fulfilling live. My life has purpose and meaning, I look forward to my days because it’s filled with things that give me pleasure, joy and energy. I enjoy vibrant health, instead of feeling low, down and slow. My time is much better managed, and I have increased time available for my needs.

All without being selfish. Still being respectful to the significant others in my life.

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How to go from Busy and
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The Savvy Self-Care Strategies for Busy People Program is designed to bring you effective ways to

  • Be actively involved in Creating your life the way you want it (instead of waiting for others to fill your needs)
  • Discover what REALLY makes you happy
  • Increase energy-boosters
  • Decrease the energy-drainers
  • Give you safe, effective stress-releasing tools so you can ditch the stress-medication
  • Say “no” kindly and respectfully so you can focus on your own happiness without the guilt
  • Discover inner roadblocks that are holding you back from being on your own priority list,
  • Clear out those roadblocks so anything is possible for you
  • Deal with “Change” and how to make it easy
  • And more!


Real Case Study

“I stood up for myself”

Today we had a management meeting at work and discussed an issue about team that we wanted clarity on. For the first I felt like I’m not keeping quiet about this. The director was trying to trivialize the matter and make us think that there’s nothing to debate but I stood my ground. I clearly expressed my opinion and didn’t just accept what the director was saying.It was a first for me and I think the team was taken aback. That was not the last time I’m standing up for myself and expressing my opinion! Thanks again for this shift. I get stronger everyday.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Real Case Study

“The world is my oyster”

Fear has always been my biggest obstacle. It almost cost me this workshop. My fears were totally controlling my entire life, but today I sit here humbled by the amazing effects of EFT and the impact it has left on me. I feel like I can go out and conquer the world. The world is my oyster. These are words that I could never say before. Thank you for changing my life. You are the best.


Johannesburg, South Africa

How this Empowering Self-Study Program
can Help You!

In this Program, you will

  • Learn surprising facts about Self-Care that will increase your motivation for self-care practices
  • Learn why it’s good for others when you take responsibility for your own happiness
  • Discover the detrimental effects of neglecting your own Self Care
  • Learn the RIGHT way to cast your vision and create the life of your dreams
  • Discover a way to activate a very important part of your brain that will act like a magnet for your dream life
  • Find out how to set health-goals that are right for you – so your chances of reaching them are magnified tenfold
  • Discover why it’s so easy to fall back into old habits (like putting yourself last) and low energy
  • Discover the TRUE reasons for neglecting yourself
  • Learn how to make changes from the inside out, which makes Self-Care EASY and FUN
  • Discover how to say “Yes” to yourself, your own life and priorities AND still care for and respect others
  • Have great support and get your questions answered

Real Case Study

“I can move forward with a more rewarding life”

THANK YOU for a most impressive session – wow – our first and it was amazing how quickly we identified the link connecting the key obstacles holding me back which have continuously showed up again and again the past 43 years. I would never have dreamed that they were all interconnected. It makes the journey ahead seem so much more manageable. I look forward to our next session to work further at clearing the patterns so that I can move forward with a more rewarding life.


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What You’ll Gain in this Program:

  • The ability to shift from “stressed out” to “peaceful” in minutes
  • A “compass” that you can use for the rest of your life to make decisions easier
  • Clear out old programming and replace them with beliefs that will pull you forward to a life of wonder, health and happiness
  • A clear, magnetic vision for your health and well-being
  • Ways to say “no” respectfully so you can serve others from your overflowing energy
  • Discover what really makes you happy and do more of that
  • Discover what makes you unhappy and drains your energy and do less of that
  • Networking and incredibly support from others with similar challenges and passion
  • Empowering tools for increased energy and health


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Here’s to living a meaningful and fulfilling life, with energy, joy and great health!

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