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Feedback about the Speakers

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I loved the calm, clear way in which Dave explained his philosophy on living as an empathI loved his reminder that we are not responsible for other people and that their souls have a unique journey to travel.”

“Here’s my takeaway from the call about setting boundaries: when you say yes to too many things, you are saying no to sometimes more important things!”

“I just listened to the replay of Annabel Fisher’s interview, and it was excellent! Any time I have had illness in my life it was because of my work ethic (like poor self care habits). There was a time when I was in high school when I was allergic to almost all of the food groups – my body was trying to tell me to stop taking chemistry and calculus when what I really wanted to do was write! Thank you Liesel for making this replay available again! ”

“As a “reluctant caregiver” who got thrust into the role, thank you Michael for your talk. Just to know that someone else has identified and walked the journey that I am now walking is empowering. Its been nearly two years, and I have also ended up incredibly sick as I tried to do everything by myself. Its a hard, hard journey. Thank you for your honesty and above all, hope. Thank you Liesel for bringing such an important (hidden) subject to light.”

Here’s a Reminder of our Wonderful Speakers

MoreenTorpy80x100 Moreen Torpy
Organizing as Self Care

Susan Schoening
Healing Insecurity and Developing Self Worth

 AlisonGitelson80x100 Alison Gitelson
Self Care for Leader-Managers
 Cathryn Taylor80x100 Cathryn Taylor
Where do you go when Nothing has Worked?
 DaveMarkowitz80x100 Dave Markowitz
Self Care for the Self Aware
 MichaelBloom80x100 Michael Bloom
The Roadmap to Caregiving Without Regret

Annabel Fisher
Reconnect to Your Powerful Authentic Self:
Make Yourself a Priority


Uma Girish
How Passion Nurtures Your Spirit


Terry Wildemann
Zap The Stress; Shift the Chaos


Stephanie Sterner
How to Make Friends with Boundaries


Paul Zelizer
Optimize Your Nervous System:
5 Self Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

Jane Bluestein

Dr Jane Bluestein
Boundaries 101: From Basic to Black Belt

 80x100_crop_Mia_Redrick Mia Redrick
Redefining Motherhood:
Making Time for the “Me” In Mommy

Self-Care Reminders

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