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Money can be a stressful topic for many of us. Join Tapping Expert Kate Winch and learn how you can use tapping to release negative emotions and create a more peaceful and powerful relationship with money. The more you can relax about money, the more energy you have to focus on bringing more abundance into your life, pay off those bills and become present to what is possible for you and finances!
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Kate Winch, originally from Somerset, England. Kate has been a Tapping Practitioner for over eight years and is amazed by the results she has been having with her clients and in her own life. She is very passionate about EFT and helping people get unstuck so they can live fully. Kate is a Speaker and leads Abundance workshops and teleclasses and also works with people one on one via Skype or phone all over the world. She spends her free time hiking with her dog, listening to music, pursuing her passion for singing, traveling and sharing time with friends.